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STL 400

Grid-Connected Inverter transformerless with 1 MPPT. Input maximum power 4,5 kW. Touch Screen 3,5” user interface.

Advanced inverters offering superior performance and a lightweight, transformerless design. STL inverters deliver a 97% efficiency.

STL inverters are designed and made in conformity with the newest European Standards. These standards are binding on all new installations and demand a hardware and software architecture with provision for connection to smart grids.

STL inverters are equipped with built-in data logger to record field operating data. Recorded data can be copied quickly and easily to a USB memory stick. STL inverters can also transmit data over ETHERNET, Wi-Fi and GPRS connections. This means you can monitor the functioning of your photovoltaic field from a remote position at any time.

A wide string voltage range and Selco Energy new SmartTrack algorithm allow STL inverters to carry on functioning at full power even in poor sunlight.

The user interface of STL inverters is provided by a generous 3.5 inch touch screen display with clear and intuitive graphics. This display lets you read operating data clearly, and set parameters quickly and easily. A simple touch is enough to activate it even in zero sunlight conditions.

Three signalling LEDs provide a rapid read-out of the inverter’s functioning status.

Selco Energy has carefully selected the materials of the inverter casing to ensure long term reliability under all ambient conditions. STL inverters have an protection rating IP65 and are therefore suited to indoor or outdoor use.

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